Havan By Ved Murti ji

Havan Kund

Hawan kund is a ritual practiced to please God for its blessings .In Hinduism , we have different different kinds of hawan for different problems . It is a ritual of sacrifice made to the fire God (Agnii) consisting of prayer, chanting and offerings.Hawans symbolize the three D’s of discipline, devotion and dedication.

Hawana can be done for self benefits or the the benefit of the whole society or the world . Some kinds of hawans are -

  • Hawan for new born baby with naamkaran
  • Hawan for kiling negative energies around us .
  • Hawan for Rain .
  • Hawan to please God .
  • Hawan for baby .
  • Hawan for newly married couple .
  • Hawan for safety from negative energies .

Hawan requires special guidance , and must be performed under some Hindu priest.